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Teamworks Marketing is continually seeking partnerships with existing sales teams. Our supplier relationships, back office capability, and financial wherewithal can jump start your organization in ways you never thought possible. If you have a team ready to roll, contact us today to learn about this unique opportunity.


Consider the benefits:

  • Back Office Support – We’ll real-time provide contract tracking details, including acceptance and denial results
  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention – We manage supplier relations and provide additional upsell opportunities
  • Leverage our Supplier Relationships – Enjoy all the benefits of working with the “big boys:” higher payouts, duel-fuel campaigns, green products, and plenty of new market opportunities.
  • Onboarding Staff – We manage the data flow of your key personnel and handle all compliance regulations including permits and badging.
  • Training Materials – We’ll provide basic campaign outlines and specialized supplier materials as needed
  • Timely Payouts – Our fully transparent, quick-turn payout schedules keep your teams motivated.
  • Open Territories – Sell without restriction where your team networked. Supplier-specific territories are outlined by campaign.